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As a child’s mobility is limited by cancer, so is their ability to enjoy childhood the way they once knew. The simple joys of everyday activities, like playing outside, running, and riding bikes becomes challenging, even impossible. Families struggle to engage and connect, as the child they love becomes withdrawn, sad, angry, and depressed.

Animals can provide great comfort, while often engaging the child to communicate and become more interactive and responsive. Their presence can reduce anxiety, even pain, increase calmness, bring a sense of peace, and offer children something to look forward to.

IMG_6746 copyOur Mission

“Bring comfort, relaxation, and smiles to children facing life-threatening illnesses through the magic and love of animals. Our service is based on the power of human-animal interaction and its palliative effect on relieving symptoms and promoting quality of life.”




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Sweet Pea
Photo May 04, 4 00 22 PM
Peyton Elizabeth Rudkin (August 30, 2004 - October 23, 2011)
As parents of children with pediatric brain tumors, we understand.
Comfort Critters bring comfort, peace and relaxation, having a palliative effect on relieving symptoms and promoting quality of life.
Light the Lake ~ our annual fundraising event, honoring Peyton and all pediatric brain tumor children and families.
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Fox Hollow Farms
Stephanie enjoying a beautiful fall day
This is what Lucky does best
Peyton & Champ 2011
Stephanie @ Fox Hollow Farms
Being bunnies!
Kaylie & Lucky
Kaylie loves to watch Lucky hop around, especially when he is dressed in a tutu!
Tahlia's Smile!
Tahlia and big sister Hailey love the bunnies!
Peyton, Gallyn & Champ