Tori & Jack

Tori & Jack

Tori is not just a 13-year old girl living with  medulloblastoma (brain cancer). She is an energetic, smart, witty, kind and inspirational young lady who lives her life to the fullest. In 2013 Tori was diagnosed with stage 4 medulloblastoma (brain cancer) and lost her eye site due to the cancer.

Instead of retreating inward, Tori has chosen life and love. Not only did she learn to read braille, but uses that knowledge to help others. She created a YouTube video on how to read braille. And when she gathered and disturbed over 100 bags to the homeless  at Christmas (“Love for the Homeless”), she made a Christmas card for every bag in braille!

When not in school or doing things to help others, Tori likes to  write poems (see below) and collaborate on projects to make short-films, documentaries, and do voice overs.

Tori loves animals and during her treatment was introduced to Peyton’s Ranch. She’s ridden horses, held baby pigs and rabbits, she’s been a perch for lizards and even snuggled with a baby kangaroo! The animals brought out Tori’s beautiful smile and provided many hours of comfort and fun. She immediately touched everyone at Peyton’s Ranch, becoming a very special friend.Tori & Lily

Now, Tori wants to help other children like her. She’s been working with Peyton’s Ranch for several years and is ready to share her love of animals with other children like herself. As a part of our new PR Teen Volunteer Program, Tori took Lily, a young-girl with the same medulloblastoma diagnosis to the farm to visit with animals. And it was no surprise that they were amazing together.

Earlier this year, Tori visited with a soft and cuddly littler of golden retriever puppies. After her visit, she told her mom that she wanted a puppy to train into becoming a certified therapy dog that she can then take to visit other kids with cancer through Peyton’s Ranch! 

JackWell she got that puppy and named him Jack! And now Jack is ready to begin his 2-year training! The cost of the training and certification is $2,400 and Peyton’s Ranch wants to help raise the funds to cover the cost for this very special team.

Please help us support Tori & Jack become a certified pet therapy team! Here are two ways you can help:

Make a direct donation via our website to Team Tori & Jack. You can do so by clicking the link below and making a donation. Once you’ve made your donation, please complete the “In Honor of” form and tell us you want your donation to go to Team Tori & Jack.

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Join us on Sunday, June 5th @ 2:00pm for Paint Nite at the Harmon Tap Room in Tacoma. Click the link below to purchase your $45 ticket and register! It’s going to be super fun and we are excited gather for a great cause!

Peace, Love, and Understanding – By Tori

Everyone needs a little more peace, love, and understanding. Now a day’s people are so quick to judge someone by their appearance, instead of taking a minute and understanding everyone has a story and is going through something. I struggle on a daily basis needing to have more peace, love, and understanding in my life.

Two years ago I was diagnosed with stage 4 Medulloblastoma brain cancer. Every day I would have to find peace with myself as the nurse and doctors continued to poke me and give me treatment. There are days where I could not find peace with in myself. I have to choose every morning to either lie down and die or get up and fight!

Love is such a huge thing and can change a person’s life.  I have had to learn to love myself through all of this. Not only do I have brain cancer, I am legally blind. The cancer took my vision, my childhood, and much more. But cancer has not taken everything; it has given me the strength, courage, and wisdom to show love.

Many people choose to look the other way because someone is different than they are.  I may have brain cancer and am blind but I have so much understanding for people. If people would take a moment to trade places with someone like me and walk a day in my life being blind, I bet they would have so much more peace, love, and understanding.

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