Peyton’s Ranch & Comfort Critters

Our Mission – “Bring comfort, relaxation, and smiles to children facing life-threatening illnesses through the magic and love of animals. Our service is based on the power of human-animal interaction and its palliative effect on relieving symptoms and promoting quality of life.”

Our service is based on the power of human-animal interaction and its palliative effect on relieving symptoms and promoting quality of life. We are not a traditional Animal Assisted Therapy program. Instead, we believe that the animal interaction is the therapy. Our focus is to provide a unique experience based on the needs and wishes of each child. This may take place at the child’s home, in a hospital, or if the child is able, at a nearby farm. We are able to provide this unique service because of the amazing network of support we have from animal-loving, volunteers and partner organizations.

Our Vision

The Seattle area sees 40-60 new pediatric brain tumor cases each year. Currently, we can only serve a few families at a time. Our goal is to grow our program to meet the demand of all referrals. Our vision is to one day own and operate a fully adaptive children’s farm in the greater Seattle area, providing a safe and inviting environment to fulfill our mission.

Comfort Critter Stories

Comfort Critters came from the animals and people who shared them with Peyton throughout her struggle with a rare pediatric brain cancer, Diffuse Intrinsic Ponteen Glioma (DIPG). Her love for these animals was always there, but it wasn’t until she became ill that her need for them was so profound.

peyton_hampterThe special people who shared their critters with Peyton throughout her illness inspired us create Peyton’s Ranch & Comfort Critters. Their extraordinary efforts and act of kindness embody the spirit of Peyton’s Ranch. Each animal and experience was unique and special to Peyton, a true example of a Comfort Critter. Each Comfort Critter story  is an example of the service Peyton’s Ranch & Comfort Critters can bring to your loved one.

In her short life, Peyton inspired this special program with her great strength, courage, endless love and passion for animals. Her love for animals radiated to all who knew her and she shared it with others. Those who knew her shared their love, their animals and their lives with her, inspiring us to do the same. Enjoy some incredible stories that inspire our work in Peyton’s memory on our Comfort Critters page.