[quote]As a child’s mobility is limited by cancer or other life-threatening disease, so is their ability to enjoy life the way they once knew it. The simple joys of everyday childhood activities, like playing outside and riding bikes, becomes challenging and even impossible. Parents, family, and friends struggle for ways to engage and connect, as the child they love becomes bored and withdrawn and even angry and depressed.”[/quote]

Referrals / Applications

Referrals can be made by health care providers, social workers, parents and family members by completing our online application. Our Intake Coordinator will work directly with you or your healthcare provider to coordinate your visit based on the needs of your child and desired Comfort Critter experience.

Please call (253) 534-5617 or email for more information.

Do families have to pay for this service?

No. Families facing childhood illnesses have enough to worry about. All services are provided free of cost.

How do we provide our unique service?

Our service is possible because of the amazing people in our community who continue to volunteer, give, and support our mission. We started by partnering with the same individuals and organizations who inspired our mission. As our dedication and passion for helping children grows, so does our support. Since we do not yet have our own Peyton’s Ranch Children’s Farm, we rely on animal loving volunteers, likeminded organizations and partnerships with local children’s farms to help provide service.

For more information on how you can be a Comfort Critter volunteer, service provider or partner, please click here to visit our Volunteer page or email

Peyton’s Ranch Partners